Book recommendations

A. Cairo, 2012. The Functional Art: An introduction to information graphics and visualization 1 edition. Berkeley, California: New Riders


M. Lima, 2014. The book of trees: visualising the branches of knowledge, Princeton architectural press


Eckstut, Eckstut, 2013. The Secret Language of Color: Science, Nature, History, Culture, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers


Pastoureau, Michel., 2001. Blue: the history of a color. Princeton University Press


Bertin, J., 2010. Semiology of Graphics: Diagrams, Networks, Maps 1st ed., ESRI Press.


Russell, Bertrand., 2004. History of Western philosophy. London; New York: Routledge


Male, Alan., 2007 Illustration a theoretical and contextual perspective Lausanne, Switzerland; New York, N.Y.: AVA Academia


da Vinci, L., 2007. Leonardo da Vinci: the complete works. Newton Abbot: David & Charles


da Vinci, (Anna Smith), 2005. Leonardo. The Da Vinci notebooks London: Profile


Attenborough, D. et al., 2007. Amazing Rare Things: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery First ed., Yale University Press.


Haeckel, E., 1974. Art Forms in Nature Revised., Dover Publications.


Isles, C. & Roberts, R., 1997. In visible light, photography and classification in art, science and the everyday, Museum of modern art Oxford.


Meusburger, P., Livingstone, D. & Heike, J., 2010. Geographies of Science. Available at: springer [Accessed March 29, 2012].


DeFanti, T. A., Brown M. D., McCormick, B. H., 1987. Visualisation – expanding scientific and engineering research opportunities, IEEE Computer.


Card, S.K., Mackinlay, J. & Shneiderman, B. eds., 1999. Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think 1st ed., Morgan Kaufmann.


Foucault, M., 1994. The Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences, First ed., Vintage.


Peralta, C. & Moultrie, J., Collaboration between designers and scientists in the context of scientific research: a literature review, Available at: [Accessed April 19, 2012].


Darwin, C., 1859. The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, 1ed., Gramercy.


Grafton, A. & Rosenberg, D., 2010. Cartographies of Time: A History of the Timeline, Princeton Architectural Press.


Rowe, T., 2011. The disappearing third dimension, Science, 331, 712 (2011)


Brown, T., Design renews its relationship with science, Design Thinking. Available at: [Accessed April 27, 2012].


Lima, M., 2011. Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information, Princeton Architectural Press.


Fry, B., 2004. Computational Information Design. MIT


Bounford, T., 2000. Digital Diagrams: How to Design and Present Statistical Information Effectively 0 ed., Watson-Guptill.


Steele, J. & Iliinsky, N. eds., 2010. Beautiful Visualization: Looking at Data through the Eyes of Experts 1st ed., O’Reilly Media.


Tufte, E.R., 2001.The Visual Display of Quantitative Information 2nd ed., Graphics Pr.


Tufte, E.R., 1997. Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative, Graphics Press.


Tufte, E.R., 1990. Envisioning Information, Graphics Pr.


Tufte, E.R., 2006. Beautiful Evidence 1St ed., Graphics Pr.


Yoon, C.K., 2009. Naming Nature: The Clash Between Instinct and Science, W. W. Norton & Company.


Gleick, J., 2011. The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood, Pantheon


Rosenfeld, L. & Morville, P., 2002. Information Architecture for the World Wide Web: Designing Large-Scale Web Sites 2nd ed., O’Reilly Media, Inc.


Victor. B., Up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction. Available at:


Norman, D.A., 2002. The Design of Everyday Things, Basic Books.


Leborg, C., 2006. Visual Grammar 1st ed., Princeton Architectural Press.
Sharp, D.H., Rogers, P.Y. & Preece, D.J., 2007. Interaction Design: Beyond Human-computer Interaction 2nd ed., John Wiley & Sons.


Bringhurst, R., 2004. The Elements of Typographic Style 3rd ed., Hartley and Marks Publishers.


Lupton, E, 2004.Thinking with Type: A Primer for Deisgners: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, Princeton Architectural Press.


Fletcher, A., 2001. The Art of Looking Sideways, Phaidon Press.


Goethe, J.W., 1970., Theory of Colours, The MIT Press (1970), Paperback, 485 pages


Rheingold, H., 2000. Tools for Thought: The History and Future of Mind-Expanding Technology, The MIT Press (2000), Edition: 2 Rev Sub, Paperback, 360 pages.


Strunk, W., 2007. The Elements of Style, Coyote Canyon Press



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